About us

Our company

We are a tiny enthusiast business. We want to save cells from wasteland when possible. We have a small work-force and small quantity avaiable at a time, but we do our best to make customer happy

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our team

Paolo : IT Engineer - He started project himself building his first powerwall harvesting cells from notebook. After years of searching he made the right move and now has intensive commercial relationship.
Silvia : Commercial - She control finances and try to to his best for competitive pricing. She understand now how to test every cells in our laboratory
Carolina : Professional harvester - she know how to clean each cells and what to do to make them avaiable for testing.

Rudy : professional shipper - he is our delivery man


I've bough over 5000 cells from them and i m really happy with them (a customer)